Meeting in Baia Mare

Our second project meeting in Baia Mare, Romania

Meeting in Baia Mare

Our second meeting took place on the 4th and 5th of June, 2019 and was hosted by the Romanian partner, Rogepa in Baia Mare, Romania.

All partners were involved, so in Baia Mare we had the pleasure to interact with 2 people from Greece, 3 from The Czech Republic, 2 from Spain, and 6 people from Italy of which 4 people were representing the Municipality of Tusa and 2 representing New Horizons.

Counting the 4 local people representing the Romanian partner, Rogepa, we were a large group of 17 enthusiastic people looking to help start the project work in the right direction.

The Italian partners gave everybody a great presentation of the developments in the project thus far and then we started defining what and how we will be working in the future.

We defined 8 most important competencies that we think people working in Accessible tourism should have.

There was a project website presentation by the Romanian partner and everybody participated and added ideas on how it could be improved.

We started to plan our work for our evaluation platform for Accessible tourism skills and we managed to set up a large set of rules about how the platform will work to ensure that we get everything right.

We have also set up our plans for the near future so we can be as confident as possible about the success of our project.

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