Multiplier Event in Spain

The Multiplier Event in Spain was held in Castellón de la Plana, at Universitat Jaume I. The Fundación Universitat Jaume I – Empresa (FUE-UJI) organized 3 events on 29th of November and 2nd of December with a total of 49 atendees. The atendees were tourism students in their final year of the Tourism beachelor degree. The overview of the project and the results developed within the framework of the project have been presented by the FUE-UJI staff. In the second part of the event it was explained the functionality and the contents of the platform. Finally, the students registered to the platform and explored its contents. The attendees were also provided with a promotional gift from the project.

Multiplier Events

Multplier Event in Italy

The first Multiplier Event of RESTAT, a 30-month project financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union for Innovation in the field of VET, was held at Locali di Via Collegio in Tusa, Italy.

On 10 March 2021, New Horizons had the pleasure to organize the first Multiplier Event, together with the Municipality of Tusa.
The event was meant to present the first 2 Intellectual Outputs RESTAT had produced to 25 Tourist operators and Managers in the territory.
Delighted to see warm reception from the local stakeholders, despite such a difficult period for the sector due to the year-long pandemic!

Multiplier Event in Greece

The RESTAT project Multiplier Event was held in the courtyard of the European Centre in Training for Employment (Papanastasiou 3, Rethymno, Crete, Greece), on 30.09.2021 at 19:00, following COVID-19 regulations. The duration was 2,5 hours (19:00-21:30) and it was attended by 29 attendees (excluding ECTE staff).

The attendees were handed out promotional brochures (in Greek) concerning the project. Attendees were mainly hotel staff (managers, staff) and Tourism students. Following ECTE’s presentation of the so far developed material and the upcoming functions of the platform (IO1-IO4), among the attendees were 2 registrants of the Training Course who gave their own perspective and experience on the Training, the platform and the Training Material.

One of the highlights of the Multiplier Event was the presentation made by Professor of Psychology of the University of Crete concerning inclusive tourism, entitled: “Psychology in tourism in practice: The case of Inclusive Tourism Development”

Multiplier Event in Romania

A Multiplier Event for the RESTAT project was held in HOTEL Turist Șuior, Maramureș on the 12th of November 2021, starting from 16:00 to 20:00. The 26 people present were all staff from tourism agencies, restaurants, or hotels, all interested in the benefits and importance of implementing accessible tourism at their place of work.The event began with a description of the RESTAT project, including its objectives and goals and the outputs thus far. The introductory speech also included a brief description of what accessible tourism is and the importance of implementing it in highly visited places – including hotels, restaurants, or tourist spots. The attendees browsed the online platform of the RESTAT project, reported any bugs they might have noticed and were all greeting with a goodie bag that contained promotional materials of the project.

Multiplier Event in Czech Republic

The RESTAT project Multiplier Event was held in the facilities of Grillfood restaurant, s.r.o.,on Chodská 772, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm on 21.11.2021 from 16:00 till 21:00 o’clock. Because of state regulations regarding Covid-19 all the participants were tested before their entrance to the multiplier local event. There has been 25 atendees exluding Handy Club Ostrava staff. The attendees represented mainly restaurants and hotel staff and students of tourism. An introduction speech about accessible tourism, its meaning and possible effects was held at the beginning. Then a presentation about individual project outputs (IO1 – IO4) together with discussion about different experience regarding presented topics was held. All the attendees were offered refreshment and project promotional materials.

Multiplier Event in Italy #2

The second RESTAT project Multiplier Event was held in the Conference room of Tus’Hotel in Castel di Tusa, Italy on 17.02.2022 at 16:00, following all the COVID-19 emergency regulations. The duration was about 4 hours and it was attended by more than 60 participants excluding Municipality and New Horizons staff. The event was attended by New Horizons staff, Municipality of Tusa staff including Mayor and vice mayor, 2 experts in local developments and tourism and the director fo the Archaeological Park of Alaesa. The event was also livestreamed and several attendes, including Professors of University in partnership wiht the Municipality, participated online. An introduction speech about accessible tourism, its meaning and possible effects was held at the beginning, then we presented the full project focusing on its Intellecutal Outputs realized (IO1-4). Attendees were mainly hotel staff, tourism students and, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. At the end all the particpants were offered refreshment.