IO2 Skills Endorsing Tool

Do you want to see how much you know about Accessible Tourism? We have prepared a tool for you:

A Skills Endorsing Tool (IO2) to objectively evaluate, recognize and even classify the level of skills tourism workers have regarding AT through successful completion of a series of testing devices.

Skills Endorsing Tool
IO2 Skills Endorsing Tool

IO1 Comparative Report

When we talk about AT, we speak first of all, about tourism that is attentive to everyone’s needs, raising the quality of the offer. Needs of all, means knowing how to meet the needs of children, the elderly, mothers pushing strollers, people with disabilities that move slowly, do not see, or do not feel, or who have allergies or food-related difficulties.In other words, the aim of accessible tourism is not to create separate services or facilities for certain groups of customers, but to remove obstacles that make travelling for certain groups difficult or impossible. In this sense, e.g. wheelchair- accessible recreational facility focused only for persons with disabilities is not an example of accessible tourism.

Our Comparative report looks at the different situations in the countries of our project and tries to establish the different levels of implementation of Accessible Tourism.

The Comparative Report is available in all project languages.

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